House System

Students are divided into four houses in the school - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow, in order to foster a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity. It is the house system that channelises discipline in the school and school life with all its complex and co-curricular activities. It also directs and energizes the talents of the students.


Students are encouraged to make use of the school library books. Absolute silence must be maintained in the library. Books must be handled carefully. Incase of any damage, fine will be charged. A student who loses a book will have to replace it. Students should bring their library cards and all books must be entered in the library register before they are taken from the library. Books should be returned after 7 days and extended for a further of 7 days if there is no demand for the same book by other students.


Laboratory will mainly be opened for the High School and Senior Secondary students. Students are expected to keep silence in the lab and take lab experiments as a serious part of their learning. Incase of any damage with the laboratory items, students will have to pay their cost.

School Uniform

The school uniform worn by you must be clean and prescribed by the school pattern. Personal cleanliness is expected from all of you. The students should have two pairs of uniforms in order to be clean and neat. Students are expected to come to school in full uniform on all school days including parent teacher meet.

Primary & Middle School:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday--

Girls- Royal blue shirt, Blue check tunic (should be below knee) Black leather shoes and dark blue socks with white stripes, Tie-belt

Boys- Royal blue Full pants and blue check shirt, Black leather shoes and dark blue socks with white stripes, Tie-belt

Wednesday and Saturday:

Girls- T-shirt (House colour ) White skirt, White canvas shoes, white socks & belt.

Boys- T-shirt (House colour ) White full Pant, White canvas shoes, white socks & belt.

High School & Senior Secondary:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday--

Blue check Kameez, Trousers & Waist Coat- Navy blue of specification, Black leather shoes and blue socks.

Wednesday and Saturday- Waist Coat (House colour)

White trousers, white Kameez, white canvas shoes and white socks.

In winter-

Classes I to VIII - German blue Sweater + Slacks (GIRLS)

Classes IX to XII - Blazer (Navy Blue)


The aim of education is the all round development of the child. With this view in mind every student is expected to join one of the following clubs according to their skills and talents.

1. Science + Eco Club

Science Club : Project Quiz, Olympiad, Presentation through chart.

Eco Club : Gardening, Tree Plantation, Project Symposium, Presentation through chart.

2. Maths + Quiz Club

Maths Club : Raddles, Model, Presentation through Chart.

3. Language & Literary Club

Essay, Story, debate, declamation, Speech, Creative Writing, Poem recitation, Slogan writing

4. Cultural + Art Club

Cultural Club : Sing song, Dance, (solo group), drama.

Art Club : Drawing, Mehandi, Rangoli, Stitching, Knitting, Embroidery, Craft, Making pottery using clay + paper