Admission to school is restricted to the seats available priority is given to our students in all the classes. It is open to all the people without any distinction to any class or creed. Preference will be given to economically poor, socially disadvantaged and those in the neighbourhood.

1. Application for admission must be given personally by parents/ guardians who is strictly responsible for the child.

2. Parents/guardians should meet the school authorities directly concerning the admission of their ward, not through a ‘third party’

3. Admission form for Admission to Nursery will be distributed in the month of January.

4. No one will be admitted without a Transfer Certificate and Report Card from the school last attended. Transfer Certificate should be countersigned by the concerned authority.

5. The parent/guardian should fill in the school admission form and school diary with atmost accuracy and read and understand all the rules and regulations. The signing of the declaration would imply an agreement on the part of the parent/guardian and the students to abide by the rules of the school as laid down in the School Dairy.


1. Notice of withdrawal should be given 15 days in advance or payment of fee for the following month will be charged.

2. No transfer certificate will be issued unless all school dues are paid.

3. It will be given only during office hours, and two days after the application has been submitted.

4. The Principal reserves to herself, the right to ask the parents to withdraw their child if his/her conduct, progress in studies, is unsatisfactory, irregular attendance, conduct detrimental to dispelling from the institution.

Fee Regulation

1. As the School is not aided by the government, the school reserves its right to revise the fees without prior notice to the parents.

2. Fees must be paid thorough the bank (KG- Union Bank Br. Mandla, 1st to 12th Corporation Bank , in front of Madhuram Sweets, Mandla) in instalments before the 20th of the month decided.

3. A fine of Rs. 20/- will be charged there after to the end of the month for every instalments.

4. The fees once paid will not be refunded on any account.

Tests, Examination & Promotions

1. No test exam shall be held other than at the scheduled time.

2. A minimum of 80% attendance is required for promotion.

3. Results declared at the end of the year will be final in all the cases and will not be reconsidered, nor will the answer scripts be shown.

4. For the purpose of promoting a student to a higher standard the year’s record of work will be taken into account along with the marks of the examinations. If projects/assignments are not submitted on due date marks will not be allotted.

5. If student is not able to appear for the work or part of examination for a valid and accepted reason and with prior permission his/her examination/promotion will be considered by the school.

6. All dues should be cleared before commencement of every exam.

7. A pupil who uses unfair means during examination will be given zero in the subject. Repetition shall be led to dismissal.

8. The students who forge signature will be punished.

9. No student who fails twice in the same class will be allowed to continue his/her studies un the school.

Leave & Holidays

1. More than two day’s leave of absence will be granted only on written application form parent/guradian for grave reason only.

2. Application for sick leave involving more than two consecutive days should be supported by a medical certificate.

3. Repeated absence without leave application & unexplained absence for more than 15 consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.

4. Every absence must be recorded in short in the non-attendance & leave record of this dairy and signed by the parent/guradian.

5. Absence on the days of a school function be it on working days or holidays or national holiday will incur serious disciplinary action.

6. Student should meet the principal before assembly for signature in the diary and leave application. Students are not supposed to leave the class during school hours. Written permission of the Principal is required for students to leave the school premises.