About us

Nirmala school was established in 1959. It is a minority educational institution managed by the Northern Marysalian society. (Reg. No. 824). The school follows the syllabus of M.P. Board. The name Nirmala originates from its Patroness Mary Mother of Jesus.

Education of the poor and illiterate was one of the dreams of the foundress of the society, a French Missionary, Sister Marie Gertrude who came to India in 1889. The first school of the society was founded in 1907 in Nagpur. The Society runs many other schools across the country that render their service to the humanity.

It aims at empowering children (specially the poor) - who are the future pillars of our society and creation. It also keeps in mind, to reflect on the critical importance of the role of women in the family and in the society and directs its educational endeavors in this light.

Since all round development of the child is envisaged the formation cannot be merely academic and confined to the campus. The School discipline is geared to inculcate values like honesty, generosity, self-discipline, spirit of service and sense of fraternity. These values are to be the student’s constant companions, always and everywhere and his/her greatest accomplishment when he/she grows to bid farewell to the Alma mater.